Monday, 10 March 2014

Tea Time

I'm not sure whether it's the amount I've been travelling lately, or if my university workload has increased in the past few weeks - I suppose the end of term is approaching - but all of my spare time seems to be disappearing into thin air. Everyone - myself included until recently - seems to have the same preconceptions about students: never waking up before midday, eating takeaways on a daily basis and getting drunk on a nightly basis. Some of that, worryingly, is true, but at this time of the year, everyone seems to have made a silent agreement to postpone all typical student behaviour for now during the run up to exams.
And so, busy days require energy, but seeing as I don't like coffee (yes, I know, the secrets are coming out now), I can't even skip down the caffeine-lined yellow brick road to the energy which lies at the end. Even the tea I drink is caffeine-free, but on the bright side, at least I can wind down properly in the evenings with a steamy brew and forget about assignments, deadlines and dreadfully 'grown-up stuff', even if it is just for 15 minutes. 
The first photo is of my recent favourites from Twinings, but the two below that are actually of my friend's Chinese flower tea, which is one of the most unusual but delightful things I have seen. As it brews in the hot water, this flower blooms before your very eyes. It tasted good, but the novelty lay in the beautiful transformation from something that began life looking like a sea-creature, to a wonderfully exciting visual. 

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Le de Sociale said...

Love flower tea's!